Slightly north of the town of Brant Lake the lake narrows before flowing into the Mill Pond. The pond is a tiny body of water where tiny children stand on the shore and fish for tiny fish.

Bordering the pond, Doug’s auto repair shop collects old wrecks, Roger, of Daby’s General store fame, has opened a hotdog stand, the post office greets locals coming and going and the Hub, a boutique bike shop, offers bikes, beers and a band. Monday nights only. That is the greater part of the business population in the vicinity of the Mill Pond.

But, recently, a loon has inhabited the Mill Pond, a rather unusual guest since loons only live on the wide open waters of Brant Lake. Why else is this a strange phenomenon? First, the loon is alone. Loons normally mate for life and travel as couples. Secondly, loons are outstanding fishermen or fisherbirds and I have yet to see a little boy catch even a little fish in the little Mill Pond. Why fish where there are no fish?

So why has a loon settled on the Mill Pond? Does it have a damaged tail in need of repair at Doug’s repair shop? Doug only repairs damaged tailpipes. Does the loon wish to purchase an Air Mail stamp from the post office when it can fly thousands of miles at the time of migration? Certainly, a loon has no desire for a hot dog from Roger’s stand even though the hotdog does resemble a brown minnow.

Therefore, once again I ask, why was the loon in the millpond? And why was it constantly wailing? The wail is a haunting sound, indigenous to the loon, that imitates the words, “Where are you?” Was this loon searching for something or someone? Also, the loon constantly preened, rising out of the water and vigorously shaking it’s body to straighten its feathers, flapping several times and wagging its tail. To attract attention?

Yesterday, I discovered the answer. Someone had placed a loon decoy in the middle of the pond and the live loon, believing the decoy was a real bird, was seduced. Possibly, the loon had lost its mate or its spouse was unable to give birth. To remedy this situation the loon was enticed by the decoy, only to be disappointed. Obviously Loonmatch.com or LooneHarmony.com had deceived the desperate loon.

Of greater consequence, the loon had made a mistake, (we all do), but was unable to move on from a futile relationship. If that loon would listen, rather than wailing, I would suggest that there is an entire lake where a loon can fulfill its dreams and desires. Instead, the poor bird is limited to a tiny pond, with a tiny child and tiny fish–-while a world beckons.

There is more to life than pursuing decoys.



Brant Lake

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