About Dan Wolk

Dan Wolk is a writer, photographer and world traveler: he has lived with missionaries in Africa and South America, trekked in the Mt. Everest region of Nepal, and hiked among the hill tribes in Thailand and in the Pyrenees. He spends his summers in rural Provence, harvesting lavender, digging for truffles, and photographing the landscape and the charming local markets.

In recent years, Dan has done archaeological field work in Israel, at Tel Dan on the Lebanese border and Tel Miqne, a Biblical Philistine stronghold. With a longtime interest in international affairs, Dan worked for a period of time at the Carnegie Foundation on a Crises Anticipation project concerning projected problems in West Bank-Israeli relations..

Dan is Rabbi Emeritus of Congregational Emanu-El of Westchester in Rye, NY. He is also the longest tenured teacher at School of the Holy Child, an all-girls Catholic school, where he teaches the Humanities.

Dan spends as much time as he can at his home in Brant Lake, NY, which has inspired this blog. 

Works By Dan Wolk


The Dirt From Tripp Street – Everyday Lessons About Life – Love and Loss, Sadness and Joy, and All the In-Betweens, 1992, Simon and Schuster.

The Time is Now Sixty “Time Pieces” for Getting the Most out of Every Day, 1998, The Overlook Press.

Magazine Articles

The New York Times, 1989, “The Rabbi’s A Truck Drivin’ Man”

The New York Times, 1990, “Forget Lions and Lambs, Try to Get Birds to Feed Together”

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  1. Great blog and photos beautiful as well. Enjoy sharing Dan’s view of the world. Enjoyed reading the great humor and joy in the New York Times piece, Forget Lions and Lambs. Bravo Dan


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